Valuation and financial advisory services for companies seeking to understand their value and make successful growth, financing, and M&A decisions.

Over 400 successful business valuations and multiple M&A deals
for a wide range of industries, sizes, and business models

Thorough and insightful valuations using robust methodology and senior-level expertise.

Extensive experience in business valuation, equity funding, and M&A.

Our team of talented professionals includes professors of corporate finance and valuation at top universities.

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We provide thorough and insightful valuations backed by hundreds of previous clients, allowing them to evaluate important business opportunities with robust methodology and senior-level expertise. Our valuations are routinely used to make financial and strategic decisions and our clients lean on our years of real-world expertise to provide them with a deeper understanding of their situation.


We have a rich track record in the diverse world of startups, using multiple, complementary methods tailored to the business model, industry, and—most importantly—stage of the startup. For founders who find themselves entering pivotal negotiation stages, we offer tools, benchmarks, and analysis to help them defend against early dilution.


We help companies comply with accounting standards by determining the fair value of purchase price considerations, intangible assets, liabilities, and select tangible assets. Our analysis considers the unique aspects of each case in order to correctly allocate a purchase price among the assets, including goodwill.


For companies needing transfer-pricing valuations for compliance or restructuring purposes, our team can assist with identifying and compensating each legal entity that economically owns the intangibles, taking into account the arm’s-length principle as the valuation standard.

About Us

We are a boutique financial consulting firm with over 10 years of experience in corporate finance, M&A, and strategic planning in a variety of industries. Our team of professionals are experts in business valuation with backgrounds in corporate as well as academic fields.

Maximo Errazuriz

Maximo Errazuriz


Specialist in valuation of financial institutions and banks with more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance. Has worked as an international financial consultant and lecturer also with the IFC, BID, Shorebank, USAID, and DAI. Postgraduate in risk management and corporate governance at Harvard University

Max Errazuriz


Advisor to middle-market firms with high potential as well as fast-growing startups. Max brings 20 years of experiences with business valuation and mergers & acquisitions to our clients. He has been called on as a financial expert witness and second-opinion for M&A disputes and lawsuits and is an entrepreneur as well as member of the board in 4 different companies.

Fernando Tamblay


With over 7 years of experience in company and investment fund valuation, Fernando has appraised over 150 companies to date and has worked with large investment banks in over 50 fund valuations as a second opinion. Valoriza has doubled in size in the last three years with Fernando as Partner and COO.

Nicolas Allamand


Member of the board of Valoriza. Responsible for leading the processes and contracts for our M&A wing. Nicolás specializes in regulatory and compliance matters under national as well as international regulations. He was recognized as "Associate to Watch" by Chambers & Partners for Latin America and worked at Carey & Cía. in the compliance and Criminal Law Department

Gadiel Rosenblut


Gadiel specializes in business valuation, having led more than 60 valuations in his four years at Valoriza. As a bridge between senior management and the analysts, he is also responsible for forming and leading small teams for different projects. Gadiel has an International Affairs and Economics degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Pablo Vergara


Pablo has led over 30 valuations of both startups and mature companies and works closely with senior management in special projects.

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